Great Day!!

Little League Nigeria Coaches Clinic concluded yesterday. We’ll present certificates today followed with a 15U Championship game. We’ve touched over 60 coaches (see photo). The past couple days we focused on the Public School System. Thirty Physical Education teacher attended our public school sessions.

Little League Nigeria chartered 28 private school teams their first season. They have the resources to pay the $10 per team charter fee. Myself and the Holland Coach noted the charter fees was an issue for the public school. We challenged the Physical Education teacher to charter 30 new teams. This will bring Little League Nigeria total to 58 teams in year two. We pledged to pay charter fees for any new public school teams (20 and 10 teams respectively).

I challenge my Facebook friends who know me personally to commit to charter a team. You’ll receive a team point of contact so you can dialogue with the team and stay abreast of it’s progress. The team will in turn send you a team picture. My goal is to sponsor 20 teams.

It has indeed been a pleasure sharing my knowledge of the game with new Nigerian friends and family. You will always be remembered and never forgotten.

(An account of Little League Baseball and Softball Camp and Clinic held at Rosebud College, Akala Way, Ibadan on November 11, 2016 written by Coach Gerard Hall. While Coach Gerard Hall (USA) handled baseball, Coach Henrica Dirks from The Netherlands handled softball clinic. It should be noted again that 2016 was the 4th time Coach Hall would visit Nigeria to support Little League baseball training. His first time was in 2012).

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