Just Getting Out

Gaan we weer. Deze keer wel iets meer spullen mee. Alles zelf meegenomen i.p.v. Opgestuurd. ☺️


🤗Let’s go again. A little more stuff this time. Took everything myself instead of sent it. ☺️🤗

Here Coach Henrica Dirks and her twin Assistants were excited by the trip to Nigeria to run Softball Clinic and Camp, starting October 27, 2017. She was also in Nigeria in 2016 and knew how shortage of equipment was a big hinderance to training. This time (2017) she came in with more stuff instead of sending it. The equipment she sent in 2016 took several months to get to us and we had so much trouble clearing it. It arrived many months after the Camp had been concluded. Once beaten, twice shy.

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