Equipment Arrives Lagos

The much expected donated equipment by Little League Communities in the Netherlands arrived Lagos Nigeria on Friday June 26, 2020 and was off loaded on Monday June 29, 2020. It is a whole container load of baseball and softball equipment consisting of balls, bats, helmet, leg and chest protectors and many others. In a post on the Facebook page of Little League Nigeria, the DA for District 01, Kehinde Laniyan, expressed the appreciation of the district to the donors and shipper of the equipment in the Netherlands. He wrote:
“On behalf of Little League Community in Nigeria, I wish to express our sincere appreciation to all our Little League friends all over the Netherlands who donated this huge container-load of baseball and softball equipment towards development of Little League in Nigeria.”

Mr Laniyan further noted that the contributors are so numerous to mention. However, he particularly appreciated the assistance rendered by Coach Adje Dirks and Jessica Jansen to make the donation and the shipping possible.

In another related post Mr Laniyan sent hearty appreciation to Mr. Sil Thonen, Sales Director, GMT Nigeria Ltd for being kind to deliver baseball and softball equipment to us in Nigeria. The effort is greatly appreciated because of this period of global pandemic that is putting additional pressure and responsibilities on everyone.
According to observers, often the major concern in donating equipment to sports associations in Nigeria is the challenge that comes with shipping from Europe or America. He added that for this reason Little League in Nigeria is not taking for granted the valuable support of all her sponsors.

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